How To Get A Walrus On A Moped

Has anyone ever asked you how to get a walrus on a moped?

Probably not.

This has to be one of the most ridiculous questions that I ever heard and so, I will not dignify it with a real answer.

What is it?

It’s a made-up query that will probably never be uttered by anyone that doesn’t read one of the walrus/moped-related posts on the Internet. You may as well just talk gibberish or say a made-up word such as “kronchflong”.

So why (you may ask) am I writing about it here on a serious well-established website.

An experiment

Well, the reason is that I am conducting an experiment to see if anybody actually searches for this damnable phrase. There’s a bit more to it than that but the details I will go into at another time.

Suffice to say, at this conjecture, just knowing that I am playing around and understanding that this post is not to be taken seriously is enough.

Part of the experiment involves me writing a minimum of 300 words relating to walruses and mopeds. I’m currently at 174, nope now it is 177…well, it just keeps climbing. Only about 100 words to go.

I’ve never owned a walrus. Nor have I ever owned a moped.

So, if I were to be answering this question seriously, I wouldn’t trust anything I had to say on the matter. I’m neither suitably experienced nor trained to tackle such a query.

So, you wouldn’t want to listen to me.

In fact, why are you still reading?

I’ve made it abundantly clear that this post is neither useful, informative nor helpful.

…264 words and counting…

The end

Well, I think I’ll start to sign off now…a long farewell consisting of about 25 words.

If you truly are interested about how to get a walrus on a moped, I’d suggest doing a search…